Rooki: Skincare Review

To all my skin care junkies or if you’re looking for a new brand to try- this is for you. What is Rooki? Glad that you’ve asked. Rooki is a new skin care brand that was started in Singapore, but

10 Places to Visit in Singapore

If you’re planning or will be going on vacation to visit Singapore and don’t know where to go- I got you! Here are a few of my favorite places that I recommend in seeing! 1. Marina Bay Sands Hotel I

My Holy Grail Foundation Oil

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on what I use to get a natural dewy glow while using foundation and no highlighter. The answer is — The Foundation Oil from The Skincare Diary. How much does it cost? This

Krave’s Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser

I’m super excited to share with you one of my favorite recent purchases. For those who don’t know… I love matcha everything. I kid you not, 90% of the time I see a skincare product with matcha I’m like, “I

Glamping at Auto Camp, Russian River for a weekend.

I’ve gotten so many questions on where this place is at, what tips I may have, what are the rates, etc. If you are interested in booking your next get away with your boo, your besties, or your family, you’ve