Son & Garden | San Francisco, CA

Corner of Polk St. and Eddy St.

Son & Garden

Brought to you by the owners of Daughter Thai and Farmhouse Kitchen located in the city, Oakland, and Portland. Son & Garden is their newest addition! Now that you know this, go ahead and add this spot to your Yelp bookmarks.

Hours & Location:

Breakfast: 9am-3pm
Lunch: 11am
Dinner: 5pm-9pm (10pm on Friday and Saturday)

Address: 700 Polk St. San Francisco CA 94109
Perfectly located in the corner of Polk & Eddy St, you will not miss it. If you are new to this area, be aware that the area is a little sketch so I highly recommend you to take all your valuable items with you or do not bring them at all.

The Restaurant

The staff was extremely kind and shared their favorites and recommendations.

The first impression I had about this place was definitely how beautifully designed interior and decorations. I am guilty- I am sucker for Instagrammable and aesthetically pleasing interior.

The Food

The menu was not overwhelming, but easy to read. They have 4-menus: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Secret Bar High Tea (I’ll explain this in a bit).

We ordered their Matcha Mochi Pancakes ($17) and Farmhouse Omelet ($21). As you can see, the presentation is pretty.

I know your next question is, “But is it yummy?”. My answer to that is — hell to the yes it was.

The Matcha Mochi pancakes was seriously so bomb to me. The pancakes was served with strawberries, whipped cream, mochi, and green tea sauce. On a side note, they are also gluten free! No, I am on a gluten-free-only-diet, but for all my gluten free friends, this is thee one. The sauce was perfect matcha taste; not too sweet, not too strong. The Farmhouse Omelet (egg whites, mushroom, arugula, green olive, pimento, and goat cheese) was also delish!!

The Secret Bar & Lounge

The Secret Bar & Lounge is an addition to Son & Garden! This is where the bar is located (duh) and where you can experience High Tea. 21+ to enter!

High Tea Service is RESERVATION ONLY.

Hours: Wednesday-Friday between 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

Pricing: $55/ per person (does not include tax or tip)

Reservations are starting March 18th! All through Yelp 🙂

I hope after reading this you’ve already made your reservation! I’m excited for everyone to try this place and hope you all have a great experience like I did. Tag me @racheldiaane and @sonandgarden.


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